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 종목티커종가변동 %총 자산시간
 Shinyoung Value High Div Feed A0P0000.1,148.000+0.64%2,776.95B17/08 
 Shinyoung Value High Div Feed I0P0000.1,164.340+0.64%2,776.95B17/08 
 Shinyoung Value High Div Feed Ce0P0000.1,146.440+0.64%2,776.95B17/08 
 Shinyoung Value High Div Feed Cy0P0000.1,152.890+0.64%2,776.95B17/08 
 Shinyoung Value High Div Feed CP0P0000.1,142.580+0.64%2,776.95B17/08 
 Shinyoung Value High Div Feed W0P0000.1,165.000+0.65%2,776.95B17/08 
 Shinyoung Value High Div Feed C0P0000.1,144.820+0.64%2,776.95B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Global Dynamic Feeder F0P0000.1,037.950+0.06%1,860.01B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Global Dynamic Feeder A0P0000.1,033.640+0.06%1,860.01B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Global Dynamic Feeder C20P0000.1,037.390+0.06%1,860.01B17/08 
 KB Retirement Pension Dividend 40 F0P0000.1,020.510+0.27%1,522.34B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Glbl Dynamic Pls Feed CI0P0000.1,014.290+0.06%1,433.83B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Glbl Dynamic Pls Feed CF0P0000.1,014.750+0.06%1,433.83B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Dividend Prem Feed A0P0000.1,162.460+0.48%1,287.98B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Dividend Prem Feed CW0P0000.1,167.700+0.48%1,287.98B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Dividend Prem Feed CI0P0000.1,167.590+0.48%1,287.98B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Dividend Prem Feed C0P0000.1,154.040+0.48%1,287.98B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Dividend Prem Feed Ae0P0000.1,165.900+0.48%1,287.98B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Dividend Prem Feed Ce0P0000.1,161.960+0.48%1,287.98B17/08 
 KyoboAXA Power Index Eq Deriv Ae0P0000.1,127.880+0.62%1,110.15B17/08 
 KyoboAXA Power Index Eq Deriv A20P0000.1,128.540+0.62%1,110.15B17/08 
 KyoboAXA Power Index Eq Deriv CW0P0000.1,128.540+0.62%1,110.15B17/08 
 KyoboAXA Power Index Eq Deriv B0P0000.1,128.540+0.62%1,110.15B17/08 
 AB Global High Yield Bond Fund of I0P0000.1,177.190+0.14%889.31B17/08 
 AB Global High Yield Bond Fund of A0P0000.1,162.810+0.14%889.31B17/08 
 Shinyoung Marathon Equity W0P0000.1,106.840+0.83%883.91B17/08 
 Shinyoung Marathon Equity I0P0000.1,107.600+0.83%883.91B17/08 
 Shinyoung Marathon Equity A0P0000.1,102.230+0.83%883.91B17/08 
 Shinyoung Marathon Equity CP0P0000.1,100.160+0.83%883.91B17/08 
 Shinyoung Marathon Equity E0P0000.1,102.210+0.83%883.91B17/08 
 KIM Navigator Equity 1 C40P0000.1,105.060+0.05%739.42B17/08 
 KIM Navigator Equity 1 C50P0000.1,107.340+0.05%739.42B17/08 
 KIM Navigator Equity 1 A0P0000.1,109.150+0.05%739.42B17/08 
 KIM Navigator Equity 1 Ce0P0000.1,107.390+0.05%739.42B17/08 
 KIM Navigator Equity 1 C10P0000.1,098.180+0.05%739.42B17/08 
 KIM Navigator Equity 1 C20P0000.1,100.510+0.05%739.42B17/08 
 KIM Navigator Equity 1 C30P0000.1,102.790+0.05%739.42B17/08 
 KIM Navigator Equity 1 CW0P0000.1,125.700+0.05%739.42B17/08 
 KIM Navigator Equity 1 CF0P0000.1,122.510+0.05%739.42B17/08 
 Fidelity Korea Global Dividend A0P0000.1,047.840+0.20%616.55B17/08 
 Fidelity Korea Global Dividend PRS0P0000.1,048.360+0.20%616.55B17/08 
 Fidelity Korea Global Dividend Ae0P0000.1,049.630+0.20%616.55B17/08 
 Fidelity Korea Global Dividend F0P0000.1,051.170+0.20%616.55B17/08 
 Fidelity Korea Global Dividend Ce0P0000.1,048.870+0.20%616.55B17/08 
 Fidelity Korea Global Dividend C10P0000.1,045.290+0.19%616.55B17/08 
 Samsung ABF Korea Index Bond R0P0000.987.210+0.06%600.31B17/08 
 Samsung ABF Korea Index Bond I0P0000.991.950+0.06%600.31B17/08 
 Samsung ABF Korea Index Bond Cp0P0000.988.440+0.06%600.31B17/08 
 Samsung ABF Korea Index Bond A0P0000.991.940+0.06%600.31B17/08 
 Shinyoung Retirement Pension Div F0P0000.1,096.600+0.29%588.66B17/08 
 Shinyoung Retirement Pension Div C0P0000.1,093.550+0.29%588.66B17/08 
 TongYang High Plus Feeder Bond 1 B0P0000.1,023.050+0.04%560.55B17/08 
 TongYang High Plus Feeder Bond 1 I0P0000.1,022.360+0.04%560.55B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Insight Feeder Equity Ba0P0000.1,141.910+0.21%444.17B17/08 
 Schroder Euro Feeder Equity A C10P0000.1,126.950+0.62%441.79B17/08 
 Schroder Euro Feeder Equity A A0P0000.1,138.090+0.62%441.79B17/08 
 Schroder Euro Feeder Equity A F0P0000.1,167.520+0.62%441.79B17/08 
 Schroder Euro Feeder Equity A C20P0000.1,129.830+0.62%441.79B17/08 
 Schroder Euro Feeder Equity A C50P0000.1,138.090+0.62%441.79B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Corporate Only Global Dy0P0000.1,003.010+0.06%374.8B17/08 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Lng term Gilt C10P0000.1,018.180+0.07%361.2B17/08 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Lng term Gilt A0P0000.1,007.550+0.07%361.2B17/08 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Lng term Gilt CP20P0000.1,006.900+0.07%361.2B17/08 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Lng term Gilt CW0P0000.1,008.140+0.07%361.2B17/08 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Lng term Gilt C20P0000.1,008.430+0.07%361.2B17/08 
 KB China A Share Feeder Equity C20P0000.1,060.120+0.34%317.81B17/08 
 KB China A Share Feeder Equity CE0P0000.1,070.120+0.35%317.81B17/08 
 KB China A Share Feeder Equity CF0P0000.1,094.030+0.35%317.81B17/08 
 KB China A Share Feeder Equity C30P0000.1,069.340+0.35%317.81B17/08 
 KB China A Share Feeder Equity C0P0000.1,056.250+0.34%317.81B17/08 
 KB China A Share Feeder Equity A0P0000.1,071.560+0.35%317.81B17/08 
 KIM Gold Plan Pension Umbrella Eq0P0000.951.270+0.76%313.6B17/08 
 AB Monthly Distribution Global High0P0000.922.430+0.15%303.21B17/08 
 Baring High Dividend Equity A0P0000.1,131.090+0.66%287.9B17/08 
 Hanwha Smart Index Feeder Eq Ae0P0000.1,237.380+0.59%283B17/08 
 Hanwha Smart Index Feeder Eq Ce0P0000.1,175.340+0.59%283B17/08 
 Hanwha Smart Index Feeder Eq C20P0000.1,218.420+0.59%283B17/08 
 Hanwha Smart Index Feeder Eqty C20P0000.1,238.000+0.59%283B17/08 
 Hanwha Smart Index Feeder Eq A0P0000.1,202.180+0.59%283B17/08 
 Fidelity Korea Asia Feed Eqty C50P0000.1,205.320+0.13%269.14B17/08 
 Fidelity Korea Asia Feed Eqty C20P0000.1,203.110+0.13%269.14B17/08 
 Fidelity Korea Asia Feed Eqty I0P0000.1,212.620+0.13%269.14B17/08 
 Fidelity Korea Asia Feed Eqty A0P0000.1,205.960+0.13%269.14B17/08 
 Fidelity Korea Asia Feed Eqty C10P0000.1,202.300+0.13%269.14B17/08 
 KIM Retirement Pension Feeder Gover0P0000.999.260+0.05%266.36B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Retir Plan Global D C0P0000.1,029.490+0.06%258.1B17/08 
 MiraeAsset Retir Plan Global D CF0P0000.1,031.400+0.06%258.1B17/08 
 Eastspring China Dragon A Share C40P0000.927.740+0.17%257.41B17/08 
 Eastspring China Dragon A Share C20P0000.923.440+0.17%257.41B17/08 
 Eastspring China Dragon A Share C0P0000.921.320+0.17%257.41B17/08 
 Eastspring China Dragon A Shr C50P0000.929.890+0.17%257.41B17/08 
 Eastspring China Dragon A Share C30P0000.925.560+0.17%257.41B17/08 
 Eastspring China Dragon A Share CF0P0000.953.270+0.17%257.41B17/08 
 Eastspring China Dragon A Share CE0P0000.929.970+0.17%257.41B17/08 
 Eastspring China Dragon A Share A0P0000.929.930+0.17%257.41B17/08 
 Samsung ASEAN Feeder Equity 2 Ce0P0000.1,218.520+0.11%218.89B17/08 
 Samsung ASEAN Feeder Equity 2 Cf0P0000.1,248.520+0.11%218.89B17/08 
 Samsung ASEAN Feeder Equity 2 C50P0000.1,215.130+0.10%218.89B17/08 
 Samsung ASEAN Feeder Equity 2 Cw0P0000.1,250.510+0.11%218.89B17/08 
 Samsung ASEAN Feeder Equity 2 B0P0000.1,226.540+0.11%218.89B17/08 
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