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Falcon Brokers Ltd is a fast-growing, quality online broker headquartered in Cyprus’ diligent regulatory environment.    

Licensed in Cyprus and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC),  Falcon Brokers is approved to offer online Futures, Forex trading and other investment services in 29 European countries and 94 countries around the world. It is also registered, amongst others, with the Financial Services Authority (FSA), BaFIN and ACP and is in compliance with the European directives regarding Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID).

The company is a market maker, offering its clientele around the globe and around the clock 24/5 three leading online trading platforms to trade in Futures, Forex, Precious Metals, Oil, major stock indices and commodities on margin basis, in addition to the Options market.

Falcon uses a multi-bank system as its liquidity providers, ensuring that low spreads and fast execution of orders are available to clients who are also provided with hedging capabilities. Trading is offered in several classes, including Mini, Standard, and Professional , all with different deposit levels, spreads and leverage, yet enjoying the same benefits which include 24 hours-five days customer support, access to dealing desk, telephone trading and market reports.

Registration at FalconBrokers.com is easy with the funding process consisting of major credit cards, direct bank wire transfer and a host of electronic wallets.

설립 년도: 2010

  • 사이프러스 증권거래위원회 (키프로스)



중개인 유형: Market Maker

계좌 사용 통화: USD, EUR

최소 예치: 100

외환 메이저스 스프레드: 
  • EUR/USD: 2
  • GBP/USD: 3
  • USD/JPY: 2

최대 외환 레버리지: 200:1

최소 거래 금액: 10000

스캘핑: 아니요


무료 데모계정: 

미국의 트레이더: 아니요

  • 롤오버 수수료 : 아니요
  • 마진 이자 : 아니요

지원 언어:  그리스어,  불가리아어,  아랍어,  영어

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고객 서비스 시간: Mon to Fri: 9am – 8pm


개인 계정 매니저: 아니요

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