Advantage Futures

Advantage Futures is one of the highest volume clearing firms in the industry. In the past six years we processed over 1.5 billion client contracts. Our firm is designed exclusively for institutions, hedge funds, CTAs, proprietary trading groups and professional traders. Our skilled personnel are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive clearing and execution services, and the most technologically-driven products — making for successful and efficient trading with client focused solutions.

When you open an account with Advantage Futures, you not only trade, you Trade Up -- to quicker connections, superior service and competitive pricing. We let you focus completely on trading while we manage every other detail to your complete satisfaction. Some of our highlights include:

•24-hour risk management and operations support

•Satisfying diverse institutional clients that require high volume execution expertise and value-added trade ideas

•Trading on almost all domestic and foreign exchanges, through both direct clearing memberships and correspondent broker relationships

•Providing dedicated, responsive support for all our clients, including a 24-hour Global Execution Desk and 24-hour technology support

•Managing a world-class technology infrastructure with multiple trading locations, seven data centers and a disaster recovery center

•Providing relationship-oriented client service representatives who bring all clients the trading advantage they deserve

Advantage Futures continues to demonstrate record growth with over $330 million in client funds on deposit in 2009 (as of July 2009). We continue to grow through our dedication to excellence in client service.

설립 년도: 2003

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중개인 유형: Market Maker

계좌 사용 통화: USD

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